IB Diploma Compulsory Courses

Required Courses

At I. E. Weldon, this two-year program has the following course requirements:

Of these six subjects, students must complete three at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). HL courses are more demanding in terms of number and complexity of topics. Most HL subjects include work at the level of first year university.

At Weldon, English is recommended as an HL subject. Math and physics are currently offered as SL subjects only. Generally speaking, core French students are more suited to French SL, while immersion students are suited to French HL.

Please refer to Weldon’s Course Calendar, on-line course descriptions and IB Diploma Chart for further details.

Additional Requirements

  • EE – Extended Essay – a focused 4000 word research essay on a topic of the student’s choosing
  • CAS: Creativity, Action, Service –  participation in personal, school, community and global activities such as sports, music, theatre, web-site design, Student Council, Athletic Union, Cadets, community service, Terry Fox, Foster Parents, World Wildlife Foundation, Me to We etc. Click here for more info on CAS