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Honour Roll
Honour roll is calculated using the final grades earned for courses during the regular school year.
Grade 9: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 10: 80% average or higher of 8 courses.
Grade 11: 80% average or higher of (top) 7 courses.
Grade 12: 80% average or higher of (top) 6 courses, taken in your graduating year.
For graduates, Ontario Scholar: 80% average or higher of 6 grade 12 courses. Courses do not need to be taken all in your graduating year.

Credit – A credit value of 1.0 is granted upon successful completion of a course.  A full credit course requires a minimum of 110 scheduled hours.
Course Code – This 6 character code identifies the subject, grade level and pathway of a high school course.  See the How to Read a Course Code section for more information.
Compulsory Course – This refers to a specific course or a type of course a student must take in order to fulfill the requirements for the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma (OSSD).  Please refer to the Graduation Requirements section for further details.
Optional Course – As students select compulsory courses to meet OSSD requirements, they also have the opportunity to take courses which are of their own choice. Students should consider post-secondary plans and personal interests when selecting these optional courses.
Prerequisite Course – A prerequisite course is one that must be completed before a student can successfully understand or have the skills required to study the next course in a particular or related subject area  Prerequisites for courses are listed in the Course Calendar and on the Courses pages for each area of study on the website and should be checked carefully when making course selections.
Semester – The school year is divided into two semesters.  Students take 4 courses each semester unless eligible for a study period.
Study Period (Spare) – A study period is granted if a student has already earned a minimum of 23 credits at the start of the school year in which the study period is requested.  Approval of study periods is subject to good standing as determined by the Principal or Vice-Principal.
Cancellation – A cancellation occurs when a course initially offered does not run due to insufficient enrolment or unavailability of appropriate staffing.
Course Change – Every effort will be made to provide students with the program of their choice based on their educational goals and needs.  If students wish to change a course, they must contact the Guidance Department.  All changes are subject to the availability of space in the class requested.  Once classes begin, students are required to attend the classes on their timetable until a change has been officially made by a Guidance Counsellor.
Timetable – A timetable outlines a student’s daily schedule for each semester.  It identifies the course code, time, room number and teacher for each class as well as the times for breaks and lunch.  Incoming grade nine students receive their timetables on the Orientation Day.  All other students receive their timetables in their first class of the day at the start of the school year.