Grade 11 students

Grade 11 Course Selection *students entering Grade 12 2023-2024

Link to enter course selections

Course Selection Worksheet 2023/2024
Online Course Selection using PowerSchool
Course Selection and post-secondary planning presentation slidedeck

Guidance will be visiting your period 4 to assist with online course selection in PowerSchool. Please have your course selection worksheet filled out and ready by the date listed below. It is important to discuss options with your family prior to the deadline.

English is the only remaining requirement. 

Factors to consider during course selection:

  • Select courses required to meet your graduation requirements
  • Select courses that meet requirements for your post-secondary program of interest. 
  • Research post-secondary options, select courses that will prepare you 
  • It can be challenging to make timetable changes; select course you need and want during course selections 
  • Make sure Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements are being met to graduate – 30 credits including 18 compulsory credits.


  • Apprenticeship: Choose any English course, and the appropriate number of elective courses to meet the 30 credit diploma requirements. Consider taking a double credit tech courses, applying for Level 1 Accelerated OYAP,  and/or co-operative education
  • College: Choose ENG4C, and the appropriate number of elective courses to meet the 30 credit diploma requirements, and the prerequisite requirements for the College Diploma program you are interested in applying to.
  • University:Choose ENG4U, and elective courses to ensure you have a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M level courses to apply to Degree programs, and to meet the requirements of the OSSD.

Future Planning