English and TOK


English – Group One & Core  (Compulsory for Diploma students)

ENG 3UB Course Outline –

ENG 4UB Course Outline –

IB English for 2013+ Graduates
Higher Level and Standard Level

This two-year continental and world literature program meets and exceeds the expectations of its Ontario components. HL students read thirteen works arranged in four units, studied with regard to their technical merit, their intellectual rigour and their international and cultural context. (SL students read only ten works.) Successful HL students may be eligible for university transfer credits.

Prerequisite: ENG2DR, ENG2DB (60% for Diploma students; 70% for IB course students)

Successful HL students may be eligible for University transfer credits.  These 4 courses may be followed as part of a group of selected IB subjects (Package Option 1); IB Diploma students must complete this option.

Theory of Knowledge   HZT4UB

HZT4UK Course Outline

The Theory of Knowledge component challenges students to question the bases of knowledge, to be aware of subjective and ideological biases, and to develop the ability to reason critically. As part of the IB Diploma, this course is widely considered to increase success at university.  This course can only be taken in conjunction with IB English.