IB Scoring System


The highest possible score for an IB diploma is 45 points. The possible 45 points are awarded as follows:

  • Each of the six subject areas is awarded a mark on a scale of 1 to 7. (6 x 7 = 42)
  • EE and ToK are awarded a total maximum of 3 according to the EEToKmatrix. These 3 points are sometimes referred to as bonus points. (42 + 3 = 45)

Minimum Requirements:

  • The minimum score allowed is 24.
  • No diploma can be awarded without a record of 150 acceptable CAS hours.
  • No diploma can be awarded without successful completion of EE and ToK.

There are ten other conditions that may prevent a student from earning the diploma despite a score of 24. For example:

  • Fewer than 12 points for the three HL subjects.
  • Any score lower than 2.
  • A grade of E in either ToK or EE.
  • Academic dishonesty in any component, however small.

If a student does not meet the conditions of a diploma, IB will issue a transcript of all IB courses completed.



  • Every student who has completed the diploma at I E Weldon has been an Ontario Scholar.
  • Weldon’s highest score so far has been 44. This student tied for 75th place out of 40 000 students.
  • The average score worldwide is usually about 29.5.
  • Weldon’s average score is usually about 33. See Past Results for further specifics.