IB Diploma Required Choices


When choosing a combination of courses to earn the IB Diploma, students’ subject choices carry over two years in order to complete the IB course requirements.

A combination of SIX of the following subjects leads to an internationally recognized high school diploma.

This IB diploma is open to all Weldon students who have achieved good marks in the pre-requisite courses.

A diploma requires three SL and three HL courses chosen from the groupings as indicated below.

  • HL – Higher Level – equivalent to a first year university course
  • SL – Standard Level – equivalent to a 4U course

Course Name and Level



OSSD Credits


ENGLISH – Choose HL or SL
English HL or  SL – World Literature and Theory of Knowledge 11 & 12 two years ENG3UB, ETS4UB, ENG4UB, HZT4UB ENG2D
FRENCH – Choose HL or  SL
French HL – Immersion 11 & 12 two years FIF3UR, FIF4UB FIF2D
French SL – Core 11 & 12 two years FSF3UB, FSF4UB FSF2D
SOCIAL SCIENCES –Choose History or Geography or both
History HL – 20th Century History of Europe; War and Conflict 11 &12 two years Gr. 11 – CHA3UBGr. 12 – CHI4UB, CHY4UB CHC2D
History SL – 20th Century History; War and Conflict 12 one year CHI4UB, CHY4UB ENG3U
Geography HL or SL – World Issues and Climatic Hazards & Change 11 & 12 two years CGW4UB, CGU4UB CHC2D
SCIENCES – Choose 1 or 2 subjects
Chemistry HL or SL 11 & 12 two years SNC3MB, SCH4UB SCH3U
Biology HL                           Biology SL for 2016 graduates 11 & 12 two years Gr. 11 – SBI3UB, SBI4UBGr. 12 – SNC4MB SNC2D
Biology SL except 2016 graduates 11 or 12 one year SBI3UB, SBI4UB SNC2D
Physics SL 11 or 12 one year SPH3UB, SPH4UB SNC2D
MATH – Choose 1
Math SL (for sciences) 11 & 12 two years MHF4UB, MCV4UB MCR3U
Math Studies SL (for humanities) 11 & 12 two years MCF3MB, MDM4UB MPM2D
ARTS – Choose HL, SL or neither
Visual Arts SL or HL 11 & 12 two years AVI3MB, AVI4MB AVI1OR or AVI2OR
Theatre Arts SL 11 & 12 two years ADA3MB, ADA4MB ADA1O or ADA2O
Music SL 11 & 12 two years AMI3MB, AMI4MB AMI2O or prior private instruction

Go to “Pathways for Humanities” and “Pathways for Math & Sciences

to see sample timetables of various course combinations.