Grade 9

Grade 9 Subjects

Power Pack courses are as fast-paced as student progress permits, allowing class time for enriching ventures and hands-on projects. Student marks are not penalized by the evaluation of more difficult tasks.

There are three mandatory subjects core subjects for all Grade 9 Power Pack students. (French Immersion courses may be substituted for the Power Pack equivalent course.)  Power Pack students will take:

  • English- ENG 1DB
  • Geography- CGC 1DB (CGC 1DI for immersion students)
  • French- FSF 1DB (FIF 1DR for immersion students)

In addition to these Power Pack classes, all students will take the following provincially mandated destreamed courses:

  • Math- MTH 1WR
  • Science- SNC 1WR

Every student takes eight courses each year so in addition to the five courses listed above, students will select three additional subjects that reflect their personal interests.  In order to satisfy other Ministry of Education graduation requirements, we strong encourage students to select courses from the following groups:

  • One physical education course
  • One arts course
  • + one additional subject of their choice