Grade 10

Grade 10 Subjects

Power Pack courses are as fast-paced as student progress permits, allowing class time for enriching ventures and hands-on projects. In History, students learn skills to help with the IB historical investigation. In science, students have a trial run with IB style labs. Student marks are not penalized by the evaluation of more difficult tasks.

There are FIVE mandatory POWER PACK subjects for grade 10 students. (A French Immersion course may be substituted for a Power Pack course.) TWO MORE SUBJECTS must be taken in grade 10 for those who intend to study math or science at university:

• Math – MPM2DB
• Science – SNC 2DB (Students who achieved 90% or higher in SNC1DB are exempt from SNC2DB.)
• English – ENG 2DB
• History – CHC 2DB (CHC2DI)
• French – FSF 2DB (FIF2DR)
Students who intend to study math or science at university and intend to continue in IB must take:
• An extra Math – MCR3UB (needed as a pre-requisite for IB math for sciences )
• Chemistry – SCH3UR (needed as a pre-requisite to IB chemistry)

Students not considering IB chemistry or IB math for sciences have an additional two free electives which may be chosen from the grade 11 or 12 options, providing a student has the proper pre-requisites.

Students who are planning to spend a fifth year in high school should meet with the IB coordinator in February of grade 9 to discuss a plan.

All Grade 10 students must take Civics and Careers –CHV2OH, GLC2OH.  This may be taken on-line (in English) to free up room for electives.  See the Weldon Calendar and website for electives, pre-requisites and Ontario requirements.

For additional considerations, click here.

FRENCH IMMERSION students must take Civics and Careers in French, so the on-line option is not available to you.  Travel and Tourism is the remaining grade 10 Immersion course – CGG3OI.  If an Immersion student wishes to take the extra math and chemistry for reasons described above, one of your nine courses must be PLARed, taken on line or otherwise aquired.  See your IB Counsellor or Coordinator for specifics.