What is Power Pack?

The two year pre-IB program called “Power Pack” includes intensive and rewarding study in Mathematics, English, Science, Geography, History and French. These courses provide an excellent foundation for further study in the regular academic or IB program. While Power Pack students are asked to explore and experience matters beyond the regular curriculum, students are not evaluated in a penalizing manner.

Do Power Pack students have time for other activities?

Yes. In fact, all students are encouraged to have an active school and community life. The majority of Power Pack and IB students are active in school groups such as SAC, concert band and/or sports teams. Many also have personal or community athletic or artistic pursuits. In grade 11 and 12, roughly half the students balance time for part time jobs. Power Pack is a chance for students to develop time-management skills and to gage an appropriate balance between academics and other activities. See Student Surveys.


What are the expectations of a Power Pack student?

Students are expected to show that they value learning through their daily participation in Power Pack classes. Homework is sometimes discretionary, and students need to have a suitable level of maturity and commitment to judge their need for doing homework responsibly. Students are expected to self-advocate. It is important that they let teachers know when they are having trouble or when they have workload conflicts. Students must take the initiative to communicate their needs to their teachers.

Will my marks automatically be lower because it’s harder?

No. Teachers take great care to ensure that no student is penalized for choosing to take on such an academic challenge. Marks are often higher in Power Pack and IB. See Evaluation.


Do Power Pack students have to enter IB?

No. The Power Pack experience is designed to help each individual decide if IB is the right choice for Grade 11 and 12. In recent years, the majority of Power Pack students have opted to participate in IB to some extent. Students who do not pursue IB are extremely well-prepared for senior academic courses.

Do students have to do Power Pack to enter IB?

Students are strongly encouraged to take part in grade 9 and 10 Power Pack if possible in order to determine for themselves their suitability for IB.  Some IB courses require that students take a grade 11 course during their grade 10 year.  For this reason, math/science students who have not been in Power Pack are often missing pre-requisites to enter IB in grade 11. Students with the proper pre-requisites and good marks in grade 10 Academic subjects may qualify to enter IB.

What is the minimum percentage needed to continue in Power Pack each year?

In order to continue in Power Pack in grade 10, a grade 9 student must have a minimum of 60% in each subject (all eight) taken in that school year. In order to continue from grade 10 into IB students are individually counselled according to their interests, academic strengths and record of achievement. A pre-requisite mark of 80% is recommended to enter HL IB courses, but in certain cases, a lower mark is acceptable. Please refer to IB Academic Admission Requirements and IB Pathway Rationale Form (IB Handbook) for specifics.

Is busing provided?

Transportation will be provided to students within Trillium Lakelands DSB in the City of Kawartha Lakes who live a walk distance greater than 3.2 km from the school. Students from outside I.E. Weldon catchment area may have a long bus ride and a walk distance greater than 1.6 km to the bus stop. Students who live in Peterborough County or who are destined for a high school other than I.E. Weldon may call 324-6776 ext. 22116 for specifics regarding eligibility.

Is there a cost for Power Pack?

There is no cost for Power Pack. There is a cost for writing IB exams in Grades 11 and 12. In order to write these international exams, students must be enrolled with the IB Organization. Weldon must pay for student registrations and in turn, Weldon passes these fees on to the student. This cost may be adjusted or waived for any student who is unable to pay.

Can a student drop out of Power Pack?

Students in Power Pack are subject to the same rules as all Weldon students. A student may drop out of Power Pack during the first week of class or at the end of any semester provided suitable replacement courses can be timetabled. Such a decision must be made in consultation with a guidance counselor and the IB coordinator. In February of grade 9, students may decide to take Power Pack again in grade 10 or may decide to transition to another stream of study such as Academic.

Who is accepted into the Power Pack Program?

Motivated Level 3 and 4 students with exemplary work habits are good candidates. Students with an understanding of the commitment required to be successful are generally admitted on the basis of desire.  Students are requested to submit the Power Pack application form with their Course Selection sheet.

How do students apply?

  • Check “Power Pack Courses” on the Course Selection Form
  • Complete the the Power Pack Application and original writing piece
  • Submit both sheets to your Grade 8 teacher to be sent to I.E. Weldon

    How do I find out more about IB?

  • Contact us for our next Grade 8 Information Night – these usually take place at the end of January.
  • Gather information on-line at www.ibo.org or www.iew.tldsb.on.ca
  • Telephone I.E. Weldon 705-324-3585 ext. 36026 or email [email protected]