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  Friday, February 24th



  Friday, March 30th



  Friday, May 11th (tentative)




  February 13th to February 27th



Get to Know Your S.A.C.


Alec – Premier

Responsiblities: Run student council

 Favorite thing to do: Find Waldo!

Random fact: I have no birth marks…DAN!


Dan – Deputy Premier

Responsiblities: Pick up the slack..ALEC!

Favorite thing to do: Plan my wedding with Kristen

Random fact: I have 18 birth marks (true story).


Raymond – Grade 9 rep

Responsiblities: Keeping the grade 9s informed

Favorite thing to do: Stare at Dan’s manly shoulders

Random fact: I haven’t actually filled this out yet.


Chase – Grade 10 rep

Responsiblities: Keeping my grade informed

Favorite thing to do: Make people feel awkward

Random fact: I like cats…a lot.


Jessica – Grade 11 rep


Hillary – Grade 12 rep

Responsiblities: Representing the grade 12s!

Favorite thing to do: Stare into Alec’s deep, endless jade-green eyes

Random fact: I have a puppy!


Lindsay – Minister of Publicity

Responsiblities: Advertising like crazy: posters and announcements

Favorite thing to do: Hang out with my cats.

Random fact: I eat a litre of yogurt every day.


Saffiya – Minister of Publicity

Responsiblities: Doing the publicity for the S.A.C. events

Favorite thing to do: Being crazy

Random fact: I rode a camel on a beach when I was 8.


Kristen – Minister of Spirit

Responsiblities: Plan spirit days…etc.

Favorite thing to do: Stalk Veronica’s life

Random fact: I didn’t know what zombie run was…until now.


Courtney – Minister of Spirit

Responsiblities: All things spirit related

Favorite thing to do: Laugh

Random fact: I’m very artistic.


Kate – Minister of Social Affairs

Responsiblities: Organize dances and events

Favorite thing to do: hang out with friends

Random fact: I eat at least one apple a day.


Garrett – Minister of Social Affairs

Responsiblities: Organize dances and events

Favorite thing to do: play sports

Random fact: I can’t dance well.


Jess – Minister of Fundraising

Responsiblities: Fundraise

Favorite thing to do: Have fun wherever I go.

Random fact: I’m friends with David Bekham.


Hans – Minister of Fundraising

Responsiblities: I like to think that my job is to sass, but I’m actually in charge of fundraising.

Favorite thing to do: Sass

Random fact: I’m German.


Caroline – Minister of Opportunity

Responsiblities: Find opportunities for our school to get involved in the community and get students involved.

Favorite thing to do: Travel!

Random fact: I can draw the best ostrich you’ve ever seen.


Huckleberry – Minister of Finance

Responsiblities: I write numbers on paper.

Favorite thing to do: Kissing babes.

Random fact: I founded a secret society two months after building a tree kingdom.  In a top hat.