Practical & Academic Life Skills Program

*All courses in this program are non-credit. Students will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment in their graduating year (June of the year in which the student turns twenty-one).

Years 1-7

KEN – Language and Communication Development

KMM – Numeracy and Numbers

KPF – Personal Health and Fitness

KPH – Choice Making for Healthy Living

Offered as space allows:

KHD – Social Skills

KTT – Computer Skills

KSN – Exploring Our Environment

KAL – Creative Arts for Expression

KGL – Personal Life Management

KPP – Independent Living

KHI – Culinary Skills

KGW – Exploring the World of Work

Parents wanting to know more about the Practical, Academics and Life Skills program should contact the Head of Specialized Services, Ms. Angela Jones, at (705) 324-3585 ext. 36032.