Practical & Academic Life Skills Program

*All courses in this program are non-credit. Students will receive a Certificate of Accomplishment in their graduating year (June of the year in which the student turns twenty-one).


Years 1-7

KEN – Language and Communication Development

KMM – Numeracy and Numbers

KPF – Personal Health and Fitness

KPH – Choice Making for Healthy Living

Offered as space allows:

KHD – Social Skills

KTT – Computer Skills

KSN – Exploring Our Environment

KAL – Creative Arts for Expression

KGL – Personal Life Management

KPP – Independent Living

KHI – Culinary Skills

KGW – Exploring the World of Work


Parents wanting to know more about the PALS program should contact the Head of Special Education, Ms. Angela Jones, at (705) 324-3585 ext. 36032.