Competition Rules

I.E Weldon Secondary School presents

2nd Annual Electric Vehicle Challenge

Saturday May 12th, 2012

Track (Endurance Competition) Rules

  1. 1)     This is an ENDURANCE COMPETITION not a RACE. Drive to last an hour, not to try and take the lead in a dangerous passing attempt.
  1. 2)    Each team is required to complete 2 pit stops at any point of each competition.  The teams may have a driver change or the same driver must exit the car completely (both feet on the ground) then re-enter the vehicle.  These 2 pit stops must have at least one full lap separating them.  A team that fails to complete both stops by the end of the competition will be considered as a “dnf”.
  1. 3)     The pit and paddock area is a no power zone. All cars must stop completely at the pit entrance gate and be pushed by the pit crew. When the car is moving in the no power zone, at least one person must have a hand touching the car at all times.
  1. 4)     NO ONE IS TO VENTURE ONTO THE TRACK TO DO VEHICLE REPAIRS. The track workers will red flag the cars and push the car to the pits when it is safe to do so.  If your car breaks down on the track, remain in your car and wave your arms to get the marshals attention. The marshal will give instruction as to when you may leave the vehicle and track officials will have the car removed and taken to the pit areas. 
  1. 5)     Slower cars must hold line. Do not weave. If it is safe to do so, point to the side that the faster car should pass.
  1. 6)     It is the responsibility of the faster cars to pass in a safe manner. Do not attempt the pass unless you are sure it is safe. There will always be another spot to get past.
  1. 7)     FLAGS
  • Green – GO!
  • RED – STOP! Wait for Marshal to wave Green Flag.
  • Yellow- Slow down and drive with caution. No passing.
  • Black – Report to pits on the current lap for penalty or repairs.

8)  Any of the following failures could have your car removed from the competition:

  • Roll bar test
  • Steering issues
  • Brake test
  • No “power off” switch in proper location
  • No proper helmet
  • Seat belt issues
  • Unsafe bodywork


All decisions by judges on any issues are final 

If you would like to download the competition rules, please click here.

If you have questions or require more information please email Dwayne Alcock: [email protected] or Alan Stanley: [email protected]