Additional Grade 10

Additional Considerations for Grade 10 Power Pack



I E Weldon offers many wonderful courses and possibilities.  Some students find if difficult to take advantage of all desired opportunities in four years.  Every September, about twenty percent of Weldon students return for a fifth year.   Two consecutive years are required to complete six IB subjects.  These two years may be done in years 3 and 4, or 4 and 5.

Biology and Physics

If considering the full IB diploma in grades 11 and 12, it is not possible to timetable both physics and biology.  Therefore, some past students have elected to take either physics or biology in their grade 10 year.  Here are possibilities for achieving this:

  • Students who achieve 90% or better in SNC1DB and remain in Power Pack in grade 10 may be excused from SNC2D (grade 10 science).
  • Students may take SNC2D in semester two of grade nine.
  • Students may take grade 10 civics and careers online during the summer.

Any such planning should be done with the IB Coordinator, as each case has unique factors to consider.


If considering IB chemistry, a student must choose to take SCH3UR in grade 10.


If considering any math or science based university program, a student must choose MCR3UB in grade 10.


Civics and Careers

These two compulsory half-credit courses may be taken on-line during July through Trillium Lakelands own Virtual Learning Centre at  Some students choose to do this in order to create more room for electives during the school year.


Students may choose various grade 11 and 12 courses as electives.  Students intending to do IB sometimes take courses not offered in IB when in grade 10.  Consult the calendar for pre-requisites.