2019-2020 – Meeting Minutes

Sep 16, 2019Nov 25, 2019Jan 20, 2020
School Council Agenda September 16 2019 7:00 PM Room 142
Minutes of meeting:

1. Welcome and Call to Order 7:00 pm
Present- Ray Este (principal), Anne Marie Sinasac-Roy (chairperson) Evan Lang, Joelle Shen, Sam
Itani, Tina Hohenadel, Nadine Hilts-Avery, Harrison Roy (SAC) John-Mark Morley

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Approval of the March Minutes (June’s meeting cancelled )
Approved my John. Seconded by Anne Marie

4. Additions to the Agenda
Nominations for Chairperson for 19-20 School Year. Anne Marie is proclaimed as the chairperson.
PEG money will be discussed in New Business

5. SAC Report by Harrison Roy
Grade 9 candidates for SAC were in the process of being interviewed. Candidates were interviewed
by Harrison and Cole (vice-chair of SAC). SAC and AU will be sharing a float in the parade for the
fair. A parent of a SAC member will be driving the truck pulling the float. He is a licenced trucker.
The Grade 9 nominees will be asked to ride on the float as part of their ‘try-out’ to observe their
enthusiam. The theme for the parade is ‘Fun For the Whole Herd’. SAC will also be giving out
candy along the route. Sam Lang is going to be escorting ponies in front of the float as well. SAC is
also organizing an upcoming spirit week with a Comfy Cozy Day, a Twin Day, A Wizard Day, A
Throwback Day, and A Fandom Day, which will coincide with the first dance of the year on
September 27th. The first dance is usually attended by mostly grade 9 students. SAC is using a song
request format so not all the music will be country. The cost for dances is usually $10. Semi-formal
is usually a bit more. Prom is not a part of SAC. Students can sign in guests from other schools on a
1-1 basis. They also check the dance dates don’t conflict with LCVI’s. Students must show student
ID cards. The dances have been really good over the last 5 years. The cost for dj’s is ususally
$600-800. Tickets are created in house and Mrs. Zablosky’s husband uses his graphic design
business to make them. There may be a Harry Potter theme for the semi-formal. SAC is also going
to open up their meeting on October 7th so anyone can drop in and participate. SAC is also looking
to do fundraising with Tuesday treats, with the proceeds going to A Place Called Home, or the
Lindsay Foodbank. SAC is also looking to do fundraising close to Christmas to donate to the
foodbank. Money raised from the dances has been donated to various causes/clubs, including
helping pay for the costs for the girls rugby to compete at OFSAA. SAC keeps a surplus of money
as a float to offset the costs at the start of the year to buy things required for the first dance. The AU
does not generate money. They are supported by the SAC. AU is more involved with the Terry Fox
Run. AU ususally doesn’t have grade 9 students.

6. Principal’s Report
Office Staffing- We just finished our hiring last Wednesday. Sandra MacDonald will be
coming down from Bracebridge Muskoka Lakes Secondary School to join our staff doing
the attendance, starting very soon. Cathy Vannus is also new in the office, as is our
computer operator Tracey Ferguson. With that being said, don’t be surprised when you
come in and see new faces greeting you.

School Improvement Plan- We will be having a Family of Schools Meeting tomorrow
morning. On Tuesday after school we will be having our first Department Heads meeting.
The department heads will be assisting is developing a specific school improvement
plan that will focus on specific goals in numeracy, literacy, and well-being. The
plans will be monitored and updated throughout the year. Our first staff meeting in
August focused on building positive relationships with students and creating positive
classroom environments.

Extra-Curricular Activities- The Mental Wellness Group has already had a meeting and
is laying out plans for our students. The SAC and LINK have been working hard to make
the grade nine start up as smooth as it can be. The Athletic Union’s Terry Fox
Assembly will be taking place on Monday September 23rd. There are a number of fall
sports teams already running. The school will have a booth set up at the Lindsay Fair
for the duration of the event.

Communication- The school will be using School Messenger to communicate with parents.
I’ve sent one message home with a start up letter attached via email. I’ve also asked
staff to make all events as visible as possible on Twitter, which is then posted onto
our Website. The calendar of events going on at the school is also available on our
website. The website address was embedded in the letter sent home electronically on
September 6th. We are currently attempting a partnership with Fleming College to have
our school’s website updated.

Edwin Devices- This year, all grade 9 and 10 students will be provided an Edwin
device, which is a Chromebook outfitted with an Edwin platform. This platform contains
curriculum resources, which is continuing to evolve. This will also be an area of
focus for PD for our staff during the upcoming school year.
Upcoming EventsBooth at Lindsay Fair- Sept 18-22
We Day at Scotiabank Place- Sept 19
Terry Fox Assembly- Sept 23
Fall Dance- Sept 27
Orange Shirt Day (TLDSB)- Sept 30
IB Grad (tentative)- October 4
October 11- Terry Fox Run
Oct 15-18- Progress Reports (focus on learning skills)
Oct 17- Student Vote Event
Oct 23- Parent Teacher Night 4:30-7 pm
Oct 25- PD Day
Nov 1- Halloween Dance
Nov 7- Honour’s Assembly

Parent Engagement Grant $$- Parent Council has been givent $500 from the TLDSB to use
as we see fit to improve parent engagement. Ideas I’ve seen in the past include paying
for food for students to prepare for Parent-Teacher Night, or paying for some of the
costs for Yearbook Distribution Day in June. This can be a discussion item.
New Business Arising from the Reports

Discussion Items
PEG discussion- Last year there were no bouncy castles, electives were offered instead
with the hope of attracting more students/less skipping. Last year the money may have
gone towards the cost of graduation. SAC doesn’t need money for the Yearbook
Distribution Day. The money does need to be accounted for through a spreadsheet.
Transition for new parents discussion- A theme of not enough communication home to
parents to advise about LINK day and start up. A communication piece home sounds
necessary. Some weren’t aware that they weren’t welcome to attend the LINK day.
Discussion that there isn’t enough publicity for clubs, etc. Point brought up that the
announcements can be reviewed as they are posted on the school calendar. Harrison
mentioned he knew about the clubs from the grade 8 visits. An idea for next year would
be to have a grade 9 parent session to over the nuts and bolts of high school.
Edwin discussion- builds responsibility, contracts must be signed to get the device.
Very few devices were damaged last year, but cords were an issue.
Job Action Question- Is there a strike starting tomorrow- no. This will be a process
of negotiation between the province and the unions.

Action Item for November Meeting- think of ideas of what to do with the $500 grant. A
future action Item for January will be to discuss applying for the PRO grant.
Discussion Items on Epipens- carried by students, wouldn’t be safe to have them
unsecured as they be used inappropriately/pose a danger to others. First Aid question a number of staff and admin are certified in first aid.

7. Confirmation of upcoming meeting dates
Dates set for upcoming meetings November 25th, January 20th, March 30th and May 23rd.

8. Motion to Adjourn
Motion to adjourn passed. Next Meeting is November 25th.

School Council Agenda And Minutes November 25 2019 7:00 PM Room

1. Welcome and Call to Order 7:00 pm. In attendance: Joelle Shen, Sam Itani, Harrison Roy, John-Mark
Morley, Anne Marie Sinasac, Tina Hohenadel, Jan Gooch, Ray Este

2. Approval of the Agenda – approved

3. Approval of the September Minutes – Approved – add in Mrs. Gooch

4. Additions to the Agenda – link
twitter to instagram

5. District School Council Update
Last week- Larry spoke about key points
a. swimming protocols, how are they established He clarified the lifejacket and swim test piece for a
natural environment. In a pool setting rules are slightly different.
b. cell phone info- the Provincial decision mirrored that of the board, so the decision lies in the hands of
the teachers
c. changes to the careers/civics courses, a better focus on financial literacy
d. collective bargaining- best to go to the website, this is a provincial issue
e. upcoming presentations on media/online safety, more info will be.
f. PRO grants will be revised as per decisions made by the Provincial government. Much less money is
being allotted. As a result, each school council will be given a few extra hundred dollars($220), and if a
large project comes up, the board will help to fund it.
-discussion point- transportation policy and driving in inclimate weather, and bus policy.
6. SAC Report – Harrison (he will send an electronic version to add to the minutes)
7. Principal’s Report- send electronically
Shared with the group
8. New Business Arising from the Reports
– a few questions about the foreign exchange
and the Grade 12 English online.
– good shout out about the positive culture of the building
9. Potential Job Action- shared the OSSTF guidelines

10.. Motion to Adjourn 8:15 pm, next meeting is Jan 20th.

School Council Agenda and Minutes January 20 2020 7:00 PM Room 142

1. Welcome and Call to Order 7:00 pm

2. Approval of the Agenda- approved

3. Approval of the November Minutes

4. Additions to the Agenda
Vaping- Ray expressed concern to the
group about vaping. Changerooms are
now locked as it was a common

5. SAC Report – shared
on the SMARTboard

6. Principal’s Report- shared
electronically and in written

7. New Business Arising from the Reports –fight
down at Rainbow Bridge. Not a bullying incident.
Large group willingly met after school from STA,
LCVI and IEWSS. No charges laid, school
consequences will follow, damaging to the moral tone
of the school, violation of Code of Conduct

8. Job Action- schools will be closed on Wednesday,
ongoing strike action will likely continue until a
resolution is reached, EQAO math and OSSLT
discussed but everything is speculative right now.

9. Borders closed or open? As of today, any student
who wants to register can register, out of catchment
must provide own transportation unless they are in
Powerpack or French Immersion. After schedules are
built and schools are staffed, border will close and out
of catchment area students must register at home
school. This will be contentious.

10. Motion to Adjourn- next meeting is March 30th