2009-2010 – Meeting Minutes

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Minutes for Monday, September 21, 2009 – Time 7:00pm

Present- Mark Cossarin, Sherrilynn Thurston-Etmanskie, Kathy Nesbitt, Laura Mitchell,
Iain Becking , Emily Seabrooke
Regrets- Robin Arnott

No quorum.

· Get In The Know – October 21/09, 6:30-8:30 at I.E. Weldon
Sponsored by the District School Council, is an information night with seminars for all
parents in the Board.

SAC – Iain Becking
· Orientation Day went very well.
· Fair Parade on Wed. Sept 23rd . Also, Mr. Tassie will be eating fire at the outdoor
classroom for Terry Fox.
· Coming up is Cubs & Cats day Thurs. Sept. 24th . Selling water balloons to raise money
for Terry Fox.
· Fri. Sept 25th is Terry Fox Day. SAC is having a Bake Sale, and the AU is having a
BBQ. For a $25 minimum pledge students can participate in the run. The goal this year
is $25,000.00
· There are 2 dances scheduled for Oct. on the 2nd and 30th.
· The Gr. 9 Rep has been chosen, there were a lot of great candidates this year.
· Colton Eddy, Gr.12, is doing a co-op term with Lindsay This Week and is going to have
a regular article about Weldon.

Staff – Kathy Nesbitt
· There is a parent meeting for SHSM on Thurs. Sept. 24th.

Principal –
· There is 6 new staff covering English, French, Media Studies, Drama, Science and
· Plant Changes – The Heating and Cooling System has been updated and can now
be run from a laptop. The installers are still tweaking the system to make
temperatures more uniform throughout the school.
The parking lot is done. Directional signs have been ordered. The gym floor has
been sanded and repainted, for the first time since it was installed. The outdoor
classroom is complete, and the students have been using it as a meeting place at
lunch. Theatre lights have been added to the Cafeteria to make it into a performance
space, and take advantage of the stage. The school is looking into an audio system
for the cafeteria.
· Numbers – The Average Daily Enrolment for the school was projected at 1224
students. Right now there are 1338 full and part-time students. There are over 300
Gr. 9’s, and 140 Gr. 12 students have returned. Weldon is attracting students from
outside the catchment area with its wide variety of programs.
· EQAO – Weldon has done very well in the EQAO testing, with the following results
showing the percentage of students who reached Levels 3 & 4………..
Provincial Avg. Board Avg. Weldon Avg.
Math Applied 38% 56% 58%
Math Academic 77% 80% 88%
Gr.10 Literacy 85% 85% 93%
100% of the Academic students in this school passed the Literacy test.
· Parents Night – Thursday, October 22, 2009
· Agendas – Only the Gr. 9 students were provided with an agenda, as it was found
that only 5% of the rest of the student body used them. Any student in the other
grades that want an agenda can sign up at the office.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm
Next meeting: Monday Nov.16, 2009

Minutes for Monday, November 16, 2009 – Time 7:00pm

1. Welcome and Call to Order
Present: Mark Cossarin, Sherrilynn Thurston-Etmanskie, Laura Mitchell, Tracy Pilat, Russell Smith, Jenny Ozembloski
Regrets: Robin Arnott, Iain Becking, Emily Seabrooke

2. Approval of Agenda
Approved by Laura Mitchell, seconded by Tracy Pilat.
No additions.

3. Correspondence
Awards for Teaching Excellence – nominations to be in by February 1, 2010.

4. Reports
SAC – given by Mark Cossarin
 Oct. 30th was Halloween Dress up day. The SAC performed as the Spice Girls.
 In November, there was Pajama Day; Remembrance Day ceremony; Halloween Dance (Nov. 13 ) – approx. 350 kids attended; Fashion Disaster Day (Nov. 27); International Week of the Child Day of Kindness (Nov. 18), Coffee House (Nov. 27)
 Semi- Formal Dance (Dec. 11) theme is “Night Before Christmas”
 H1N1- Absenteeism spiked about three weeks ago, at 20%. Back to normal now.
 Board Notes – The IB program has 60-65 students, which makes this the largest group the school has had. Other schools are offering AP classes, but are not duplicating the IB program. It is not being cancelled.
 Remembrance Day Assembly- There was four presentations – one for each grade. Mr. Winter’s essay was on Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It was well received by the students.
 Terry Fox Run- The school was 15th in the province last year, and expects to do better this year. 550 kids participated in the run.
 Honours Assembly – The school recognizes 240 students in Grades 9-11, in less than 45 minutes.
 Interim Report Cards will be out on November 20th.
 Wildcat Theatre will be putting on three performances this year in the cafeteria.
 Green Team – Received a Gold rating.
 MADD Assembly –November 18th – Period 1 for Grades 9&10, and Period 2 for Grades 11&12.

5. Other Business- The Torch Run, on December 16th, will pass by Weldon at 11:08 am.
Motion to Adjourn: 7:50 pm by Russell Smith, seconded by Laura Mitchell.
NEXT MEETING : Monday, January 18, 2010

Minutes for Monday, January 18, 2010 – 7:00 pm

Present – Mark Cossarin, Sherrilynn Thurston-Etmanskie, Laura Mitchell, Tracy Pilat, Jenny Ozembloski, Kathy Nesbitt, Iain Becking, Ruth Pillsworth
Regrets – Russell Smith

Approved by Kathy Nesbitt, seconded by Laura Mitchell.
No additions.

Approved by Jenny Ozembloski, seconded by Sherrilynn Thurston-Etmanskie.

 Town Hall Meeting, Orillia – Tuesday, January 19th @ 4:30 pm.
Kathleen Wynn, previous Minister of Education, to speak at the meeting.

SAC – Iain Becking
 Halloween Dress Up Day – not enough spirit, participation is down. SAC dressed as the Spice Girls.
 The Christmas Dance was attended by over 650 people. No problems. Did have a police presence.
 International Week of Kindness went well, but again, not a lot of spirit. Recognized 43 students with locker mirrors.
 Coffee House- first time in four years almost 100 people attended. Organized by Colton Eddy and he did a great job. Maybe another one in February.
 Next dance February 19th.
 Christmas Tree Hunt – Purchased artificial trees and set up an “Amazing Race” type competition to find the trees and then decorate them. 13 teams of 4 participated. Hoping for 25 teams next year. Awards were given to the “Most spirited team”, “Best Costumes”, and the “top 3” teams in the race.
 Matchmakers coming up for Valentines.
 Lollipop Trolley a big hit. Sell gourmet lollipops for $1, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Offer 25-30 flavours.

Principal – Mark Cossarin
 Cocoa & Cram – Open cafeteria to junior students to study from 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Run by the Link Crew.
 Exams – January 27th, 28th, 29th, and February 1st. Snow day February 2nd, and PD Day February 3rd. The schedule is available on the school website. Gr. 9 rotation for Technology writes in class, as well as Civics and Careers because it is a .5 course. IB finals are in May. Second semester begins February 4th.
 Met new Director of the Board of Education – Larry Hope. He dropped into the school and visited some classes with Mr. Cossarin.
 Gr.8 Info Night is Tuesday, February 2nd at 7:00 pm.
 EQAO – Gr. 9 Math final to be written January 18th & 19th, then doing review for the EQAO which will be written on January 21st & 22nd. Last year the scores went up by 7 – 8% when the final was written first.
 Colton Eddy has been writing a column for Kawartha Lakes this Week on his co-op term.
 Prom – Mr. Cossarin has created a committee representing several groups. They are looking at May 29th, June 5th or 12th, at Lakeview Arts Barn. Whether buses will be offered has not been decided yet.
 A newsletter will be sent home with the final reports on February 12th.
 Final Exams are June 22nd to 25th.
 Option Sheet day is February 24th.
 Wildcat Theatre performances scheduled for April 8th to 10th and 15th to 17th.
 There are three trips planned for March Break: Hawaii Volleyball trip, Japan, and Battlefields tour in France.

Staff – Kathy Nesbitt
 Classes are finishing culminating activities and starting to prep for exams.
 Teachers Pete Tamlin and Dwayne Alcock are going to Niagara College for a Green Energy Seminar.
 Pete Tamlin has had a request from Parks Niagara for information about his class in building a canoe.
 The Technology classes built a wheelchair accessible boardwalk from Jack Callaghan Public School to the Rail Trail.
 The business classes with be voting on where to donate the money from the Gingerbread Houses. There have been requests for 6-8 more next year. Some might be used for the Farmers Market next summer.

 The school has been sponsoring 2 children from Haiti, through Plan Canada. There has been no news of them, since the earthquake last week.
Motion to Adjourn at 8:15 pm by Laura Mitchell, seconded by Jenny Ozembloski.

NEXT MEETING: Monday, March 29, 2010 – 7:00 pm



Minutes for Monday, March 29, 2010 – Time 7:00 pm


Present – Mark Cossarin, Tracy Pilat, Kathy Nesbitt, Ruth Pillsworth, Emily Seabrook

Regrets – Russell Smith, Laura Mitchell

Absent – Iain Becking


No Quorum.

People For Education Newsletter


SAC –  Emily Seabrook

New nutrition laws are going into effect September 2011.  This will end bake sales and lollipop sales as fundraisers. Nothing will be sold in the cafeteria that has over 250 mg of salt.  Student Council will start promoting the changes this year.
The school is looking for the Eat Smart designation. It involves education the school population of the options which tie in with the new nutrition guidelines.
Dance for a Cause was February 19th.   All money raised was sent to the relief effort in Haiti and students wore red for the Canadian troops overseas.
Kraft Dinner Challenge for the Food Bank – Did not win, but over a thousand boxes of KD were collected.
Hoops for Heart – $2300 raised for Heart and Stroke Foundation
Coffee House – Over 80 people attended the last one. The next one is in May and hopefully it will be held at the outdoor classroom.
Last dance is April 23rd –  Neon dance.
Formal is June 5th at the Lakeview Arts Barn. Tickets go on sale April 13th for $45 each.
School BBQ June 2nd .   Rain date June 9th .
The SAC has new shirts designed by Emily Seabrooke.  $24 each including shipping from customlink.com

Staff –  Kathleen Nesbitt

The Skills Competition is in Kitchener-Waterloo in May.
Mrs. Hendren and Mrs. Quackenbush are taking a group of students to New York.
Mr. Morrison taking Weldon and LCVI bands to Boston (80 students participating).
Mrs. Burns is taking a group on a history trip to Washington.
An addition to the Tech shop in June for canoe making and building gazebos.

Principal –  Mark Cossarin

Student Success Inventory – Senior administrators, including Superintendants, Principals, and Consultants have been visiting Gr.9 and Gr.10 classes to look at how the schools teach Literacy, Numeracy, Community & Caring, and Pathways. They are trying to get a sense of the different practices in the various schools. They will look at the use of technology – what is in the walls in the classroom?  They will also look at data such as math EQAO. Their goal is to provide a report for each school outlining its strengths and weaknesses. They will be at Weldon on May 12th.
 Terry Fox Run – The school raised $26,747.71 and just found out that it placed 6th in the province.  It was 15th last year.
 Foster Kids- No news on the Haitian orphans the school sponsors.
 Blood Donor Clinic – April 1st  – Students can donate if they are 17 years old or older. There was a blood typing clinic done earlier. Canadian Blood Services is aiming for 40 units.
Grade 10 Literacy Test – Thursday, April 8th Period 1 & 2.
Parents Night – April 8th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm.  
Mark update week is March 29th  – April 1st .
Absolute Motivational Experience – Friday, April 9th , Grades 9 &10 Period 1, Grades 11&12 Period 2.  Focuses on making a difference abroad by hosting a Hero Holiday to help underdeveloped countries.
Funny Money – Friday, April 23rd , Grades 11 & 12 .  Sponsored by the Kitchener-Waterloo – Cambridge Chamber of Commerce and focuses on understanding how to manage money.                      
No new business

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Next meeting: Monday, May 17th, 2010.



Minutes for Monday, May 17, 2010 – 7:00pm

1. Welcome and Call to Order
Present- Mark Cossarin, Tracy Pilat, Kathy Nesbitt, Warren Frank, Iain Becking, Laura Mitchell, Sherrilynn Thurston-Etmanskie

2. Approval of Agenda
Motion by Kathy Nesbitt, seconded by Laura Mitchell

3. Approval of Minutes
Motion by Kathy Nesbitt, seconded by Laura Mitchell

4. New Business
No news on Foster Kids- School following up

5. Reports

SAC: Iain Becking

1) Lolly Trolley – This fundraising option will probably disappear in
the next year as it does not meet the Healthy Food guidelines of the Board.  Looking for options.
2) Neon Dance – made a profit. OK attendance.
3) May 28th Coffee House – To be outdoors.  Colton Eddy is
4) Harry Potter Spirit Challenge – Month long event. Each class is
making a “house” and crest. Events include Quidditch games, and
potion making. Last event is the Goblet of Fire which is an obstacle
course.  The class with the most accumulated points wins a trip to
5) BBQ June 2nd – Annual event with bouncing castle, and gladiator
6) Formal – Tickets are on sale.  Friday, May 21st is the last day to
purchase them.
7) Sound System – The SAC has purchased a $2000 system for the
school. They would like it to be on a rolling cart so that it can be
easily transported around the school. Possibly talk to Mr. Ayres, as
this could be a project for a wood shop class.
8) Dances – Have been very successful profit wise. A profit has been
made on everything except the Spirit Challenge. The Semi Formal
had the best attendance yet.
9) Antics- Almost 800 people in attendance. The second biggest yet.
10) Wildcat Theatre – Has a new venue in the cafeteria.

Page 2
Reports Cont’d……..

Staff: Kathy Nesbitt

1) Skills Competition- There are 40 students going.
2) End of May there is a trip to the Trade Centre.
3) End of May to June 2nd , the students are writing the hoisting exam.
5) One of the classes is building a staircase for a family in need, at a
100 year old house. This will be a dual credit for the kids.
6) OYAP – Ontario Youth Apprentice Program.  Students have been
at the Trade Centre for Durham College. The Durham
teachers are impressed with the quality of the kids working there.

Principal: Mark Cossarin

1) Student Success Inventory – Twelve people visited all Gr. 9 and 10
classes in the school looking for trends.  All the high schools in the TLDSB are participating.  The focus is on a 3 part lessons to determine if the students understand what is being taught. All the Department Heads were interviewed. There is a Post visit meeting scheduled for May 25th to discuss what was seen, positive and negative.
2) Staffing – School enrolment is estimated to be down by 100 for
September.  All staff are keeping their jobs. There are 35 students attending from outside the catchment area. There is one full-time opening and 30 long-term occasional positions to be posted.
3) Board Impact Awards – June 2nd .  Three staff have been nominated
for Character Awards: Barb Fletcher – E.A. in the Student Success Program, Sue Bradley – Guidance Secretary, and Nurih Luther – E.A.
4) Athletic Banquet – June 10th, at the school. There will not be a
dance this year.
5) EQAO – Gr. 9 Math is June 17th & 18th for Applied and Academic.
6) Exams – June 21st for the Gr. 12’s then June 22nd thru 25th .
June 28th is the extra day, if necessary.
7) Graduation – Wednesday, June 30th. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Next Meeting: Monday, Sept 20th, 2010 – School Library