2008 Survey

2008 May 30

15 responses (14 diploma students and one multiple certificate student)

(Coordinator’s Comment – All answers are included.  Not all students answered all questions.)



1.  Did you have a life outside of IB? YES __14__ NO __0__     Between YES & NO – __1__


2.  Did you have any artistic or athletic pursuits?

Band___4___    Lessons___8___   Theatre__9__        Sports teams__10 students on fifteen teams__


3.  Do you belong to any school organization/clubs such as…

SAC_4_ AU  _0_ Link  Crew_9_    Other:  Red Cross 2, Green Team 2 and seven other activities


4.  Did you have a part-time job? YES __8__ NO  __7__

If yes, how many hours per week?

  • 8 – 10 hours    – 3
  • 12 – 15 hours – 4
  • 15 – 20 hours – 1




5.  Although it is impossible for you to know what your marks would have been if you had not done IB level courses, how do you think your final marks are?      Lower than U-level   __0__

Similar to U-level       __9__

Higher than U-level    __5__

(Coordinator’s Comment – All students were Ontario scholars. Ten had Ontario averages over 90%)


6a)  How many hours per week did you spend on homework in a non-due date week?

  • 10 or fewer      __9__
  • 11 – 15             __4__
  • 16 – 20            __2__
  • 21 – 30            __0__
  • 30+                  __0__


6b) In a week with a major assignment due, how many hours did you spend?

  • 10 or fewer      __2__
  • 11 – 15             __3___
  • 16 – 20            __7__
  • 21 – 30            __2__
  • 30+                  __1__


6c) In general, was homework manageable?  YES__14__   NO__0__ Between YES & NO – __1__



7a) Did you get into all universities and programs that you applied to?

YES __11__     NO__3__

(Coordinator’s comment – All students who applied were accepted.  Three students did not get into every program or university to which they applied.) 


b)  Do you feel universities respected and acknowledged your IB accomplishments?

YES __10__    NO__3__  Between YES & NO – __1__


c)  Does your university program offer transfer credits?   YES __11__     NO__2__



8.  What has been the most satisfying reason to be in IB? (Write in answers.)

ü  Great/good teachers – 10

ü  Classmates/working with motivated learners – 7

ü  Increased challenge – 2

ü  University preparation – 2

ü  Sense of accomplishment/finishing – 2

ü  Better marks – 1


9a)  What compromises did you have to make in order to do IB?  (Write in answers.)

ü  Fewer sports or extra-curricular activities – 4

ü  None – 3

ü  Lots of homework at times – 3

ü  Increased pressure – 2

ü  No part-time job/fewer hours at part-time job – 2

ü  Narrower course selection – 1


b)  Were the sacrifices worth it?  YES__12__         NO__1__     Between YES & NO – __2__



10.  What would you say to a younger student considering IB? (Write in answers.)

ü  “I would do it.  Ultimately, it’s not as hard as you think, just stressful at times.”

ü  “Go at least until grade 11 before leaving; it gets easier as it goes.”

ü  “It’s doable, but you have to be committed and determined.”

ü  “It’s a lot of hard work, but if you’re willing to work, I think it’s worthwhile.”

ü  “You have to want to expand your mind.”

ü  “IB isn’t for everyone, but if you do well in school and like learning and can handle the stress, it’s an extremely enriching experience.”

ü  “Trying it does not hurt.”

ü  “It’s certainly a beneficial opportunity that I would recommend to anyone looking for a challenge, but it’s got to be your decision.  You can only succeed if you make it something you like doing.”

ü  “It’s agony but it’s worth it.”

ü  I would definitely highly recommend it.

ü  Be prepared to work, but it is worth it for the classes and the teachers.

ü  Prioritize