2007 Survey

Survey Nov. 27, 2006 IB YEAR 2 (Grade 12)     –           20 responses


1. Do you have a life outside of IB?   YES 17 NO 0 (3 candidates wrote in or indicated “somewhat”) 


2. Do you have any artistic pursuits such as

Band 7 Music lessons 11 Wildcat Theatre   4 Other:  choir, art, photography, own band


3. Are you on any sports teams or do you practice any individual sports?

School teams – hockey 3, rugby 2, badminton 2, track 2,

Community – hockey 3, curling 3, swimming 2, baseball 1

Individual lessons/pursuits – dance, horseback riding, bagpipes, workout, snowboarding, rowing

(Other write-in interests – volunteer work, boyfriend, tutoring)


4. Do you belong to any school organization such as

SAC 3 AU 3 Other:  Link Crew 14, Formal Committee 3

No one answered NO for 2, 3 and 4 


5 a. What was the first digit of your average in grades 9 and 10?    Fluctuated or went down – 3

b. What is the first digit of your average in grade 11 and now?         Stayed Same – 11

Went up – 6

Most are all 80’s; a few are all 90’s.  Some moved from 70’s in 9 and 10 to 80’s in 11 and 12, or from 80’s to 90’s.



6. How many hours per week do you spend on homework?

10 or fewer – 8

11 – 15 hours – 3

16 – 20 hours – 4

21 – 30 hours – 3

Over 30 hours – 1

Comments:                     > In a week with a major essay due, add 10+ hours.    .

> Homework varies by week                              > Some people have learned to work very fast.

> Art doesn’t feel like homework.                      > Math Studies is less homework than Math SL.



7. Do you have a part-time job? YES 7 If yes, how many hours per week?  3 to 12 hours



  1. 8. What has been the most satisfying reason to be in IB?

(All answers were write-in.)

Pursuit of knowledge, challenge – 8

Teachers – 8

Classmates, sense of community – 7

Future university dividends – 4

Perks – 4

High marks – 2

Others: CAS, calibre of work, develop good work habits

  1. 9. What compromises have you had to make for IB?

(All answers were write-in.)

Gave up some social life – 7

None – 4

Electives – 3

Cut down on sports or activities – 3

Less tv or free time – 2

11. What would you say to a younger student thinking of IB?

(Every comment from every student is included with their underlining, capital letters, punctuation etc.)


  • IB is a challenge that teaches you amazing time-management skills.  You have to be dedicated to your homework and long term projects but you will ALWAYS have time for your friends and parties on the weekend.  It doesn’t kill you!!!
  • You shouldn’t join IB just for a better chance in university; join IB because you like learning.
  • It is fun, however fun comes at the cost of work.
  • You have to want to do it (not for your parents and not for the piece of paper).
  • “If you love to learn, you belong here!”
  • It’s not really more homework, but more long-term assignments which you need to time manage.
  • If you want to learn better time management skills, I’d definitely recommend it.
  • It’s not as hard as expected.  But there is a lot of work.  It’s very intellectually friendly.
  • Be ready to work a lot, but don’t worry too much about it.
  • IB is a great program with a great learning system that really gets you involved in a more global scale.
  • As long as you are willing to work, it’s a great program, with amazing people involved, and the program teaches skills needed to succeed in life.
  • Seriously consider if you are dedicated to your studies, you will often have to work it around other things you love, later nights and missing some things.
  • Make sure you really want it, it’s a great programme but you need to be fully committed because you will get stressed, but if you manage time well and make sure you have a social life, you’ll be fine.
  • It’s hard, a very challenging program, but in the end it’s worth it; it will prepare you like nothing else for university.
  • It’s not that difficult, there is a lot of work but you end up making time for your fun things it might just be a little more limited than the academic kids but you end up being better prepared for university.
  • Don’t procrastinate. (x2)
  • Learn to prioritize.
  • Enjoy