Course Selection Tips

Please read the helpful hints and then scroll further down for details regarding the new online selection process in PowerSchool. 

 If you are going into Grade 9:

  • For most pathways, you will need English, Math, Science, French, Geography, Phys. Ed., and two optional courses.
  • Consider very carefully the recommendations made by your grade 8 teacher(s) regarding level selection for each compulsory subject.  Discuss these with your parents/guardians when completing your option sheet.
  • Select the pathway that will best fit your educational needs and abilities.  You want to set yourself up to be successful while also being challenged to reach your potential.
  • Put careful thought into your optional courses and select courses which appeal to your personal interests.  Many grade 9 optional courses provide the starting point for similar courses at other grades.

If you are going into Grade 10:

  • For most pathways, you will need English, Math, Science, History, Careers/Civics, and three optional courses.
  • Think about the learning that has taken place in grade 9.  Take a good look at your marks, attendance and work habits.  Select the pathway for grade 10 based on your past performance and future goals.
  • You have a bit more choice this year – put careful thought into your optional courses.  You may want to continue in an area of interest from grade 9 or try something new.
  • The compulsory half credit course in Career Studies (GLC2O) in grade 10 will provide you with opportunities to plan for your future.

If you are going into Grade 11:

  • For most pathways, you will need English and Math.  The remaining courses are based on your individual needs and plans.
  • Assess your marks, work habits, attendance, and overall learning in grades 9 and 10.  As you move into your senior years of high school, you want to be on the pathway that best fits your needs and goals.
  • It’s time to start thinking about post-secondary plans if you haven’t already done so.  Start researching apprenticeship, college and university entry requirements so that you can be sure to take the appropriate courses to prepare for grade 12.  Many grade 12 courses have prerequisites (courses which must be taken before being eligible).  Make use of the resources listed on the next page.
  • You have more choice this year than ever before.  Once you’ve planned for your post-secondary requirements, choose courses that are of personal interest and/or related to your career plans.   

If you are going into Grade 12:

  • For most pathways, English is the only remaining requirement.  Other courses depend on your individual needs for meeting graduation requirements and for gaining entry to your post-secondary program of interest.
  • This year takes some serious planning.  You need to research your post-secondary plans and select the courses which will prepare you for those post-secondary destinations.  Do NOT assume you can easily make changes next year.  Select the proper courses now and avoid the problem of trying to change into a course later only to find out it is already full.  Make use of the resources listed on the ‘Post-Secondary Planning’ page.
  • All students entering grade 12 should make sure that Ontario Secondary School Diploma requirements are being met in order to graduate – 30 credits including 18 compulsory credits.

Note: A credit can only be earned once.  If a course is taken as an ‘upgrade’ both marks will appear on the transcript but the credit can only count once towards diploma requirements. 



IEWSS Online Course Selection for 2017 / 2018

o    Remember that you have a set amount of time to submit your selections (15 min).  If you go over, you will have to start over.  Write down your course selections before logging on.  Use the bottom of this page if you do not already have a list.

o    Ensure you have your Login information ready. 

o    Username:  current student number

o    Password: your date of birth entered like this mmddyyyy.  For example, January 1, 2001 would be entered 112001. (do not add zero to single digit month or day – include all 4 digits of the year)


o    Username:  _______________________


o    Password:_________________________





Instructions for the Online Course Selection Process



o   Go to the following website: 

o   Login

o   Click on Class Registration on the left hand side of the screen to view your course option sheet.

o   The screen is divided into Compulsory Courses and Optional Courses for your specific grade.

o   Compulsory Courses are listed first and you must select the minimum number required for each section.  To do this click on the pencil icon for each group

o   Make your selection and click ‘Okay’ at the bottom of the screen.

o   If you see a green check mark you are not required to choose another course in that section and can proceed to your next choice.

o   A red exclamation mark appears if courses need to be selected in that area.

o   Optional courses are listed alphabetically by course code. 

o   If you do not see the course you are looking for, you may have to click for the NEXT page.

o   Continue to select courses until you have chosen 8 courses (6 for most students going into grade 12).

o   Click ‘Submit’ – Nothing will be saved if you don’t hit submit!!! 

o   Click the printer icon in the upper right to print 2 copies of your course selections. You will leave one with the guidance counsellor and take one copy home.

o   To exit the program, you must click LOGOUT.




IMPORTANT:  The online selection process opens on February 10, 2017 and closes on February 24, 2017.  Any changes required after that date must be done through Guidance.